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    Is it safe to use baby skin care products on my baby?
  • Your newborn’s skin is very delicate and much more vulnerable than adult skin to irritant and allergic reactions so can easily be aggravated, by alcohol and perfumed based toiletries. Evidence-based guidelines recommend the use of creams and lotions for dry skin should be avoided in the first two-four weeks of life (Walker et al, 2005).


    When your baby is a little older, you can start to apply creams and oils because infant skin absorbs and loses moisture at a faster rate than mature skin, so therefore, good skin care is essential to prevent your baby’s skin from becoming dry and damaged.


    • For nappy changing time- try to use cotton wool and water as apposed to baby wet wipes. Baby wipes are saturated with solutions. Using cotton wool and water instead, is a kinder way to cleanse your baby’s bum and you will be saving money too. If you decide you use wet wipes, try use water-based wipes that are alcohol and perfumed free such as Clearly Herbal wipes at


    • Newborn’s do not require soaps. Warm water and cotton wool is ample to ensure your baby is clean. If you prefer to use soap, try to purchase a mild 100% natural (organic if possible) baby soap such and use little amounts. Try Welda baby skin care range –


    • Natural pure olive oil is such a lovely product to use on your baby’s skin, particularly after bath time to help lock in moisture. Rub a small amount into your warm hands and gently rub onto your baby’s dampen skin, avoiding eyes and genital area. Normal baby oils contain preservatives that can irritate babies skin.


    • If using a nappy cream, use a very small amount just to create a barrier. A thick layer of nappy cream is not necessary and will only be uncomfortable for your baby.


    Reference Walker, L., Downe, S., Gomez, L. 2005. Skin care in the well term newborn; two systematic reviews. Birth. 32 (3); 224-228.