10 original ideas for your baby’s nursery

Creative ways to decorate your child’s nursery

Whether you are decorating a nursery for your first or second child you will want to make it a perfect little haven for them. This will be their own special place where many of their ‘firsts’ will take place and happy memories are made. Make it a little bit different with these original nursery ideas.

Choose a red and green nursery colour scheme for a bright and happy environment

Incorporate the baby’s name

Give your baby’s nursery that real personal touch by incorporating their name or initials into the decoration. Make your own fabric-covered letter decorations by covering wooden letter shapes (available in most craft shops) with your chosen fabric – why not choose a different fabric for each letter? Simply wrap the fabric tightly around the letter and staple to the back.

Wall designs

Fancy yourself as a bit of an artist? Get creative with a paint brush and paint a fun design on the nursery walls rather than just going for block colours. How about a city skyline around the room, or a race track which you could paint car stencils onto? Trees, leaves and flowers are nice features to have painted on a wall or why not make it more of a scene by painting a farmyard, jungle or underwater scene?


Lighting is really effective and can create different moods in a room. If you’re going with the tree idea from the point above, then you could have wall lights behind wooden bird boxes which are fixed on top of the painted tree branches. The light will shine through in a subtle glow. Or create your very own starry night sky by inserting tiny spotlights into a board affixed to the ceiling so they shine through.

Photo cluster

Try collecting photographs of you, your partner and your respective parents and grandparents as babies and display them in pretty frames in a cluster on the wall. This will make a nice wall feature and will also add sentimental value. As the child gets older it will be fun for them to see their grandparents as little ones like them.

Gone fishing

Buy some small bean bags and place them in a circle around a circular blue rug. This makes a comfy, cosy area to cuddle your little one while they’re still small but it doubles up as a ‘fishing pond’ when they’re a little older for fun and imaginative play.

Fun seat for mum and dad

One of the most important aspects of a children’s nursery is the comfy chair that mum and dad will spend many a night sat on, feeding or comforting their baby. Make this more of a feature (and as comfortable as possible!) by picking one covered in vibrant fabric with a matching footstool. Or why not choose an upholstered rocking chair or even one that has heat, sound or massage settings? Or give yourself a bit more room – room enough for both mum and dad – with a swivel snuggle chair.

Special quotation

Have you got a favourite children’s book from when you were little or is there an inspirational quotation you love? Perhaps you have a special song lyric that reminds you of your pregnancy or from your childhood. If you’ve got a steady hand you could paint these words on the wall of the nursery or buy some stick-on wall art stickers to spell out the prose.

Quirky cot

Create a real focal point in your child’s nursery by choosing an out-there cot. You could choose a crescent moon-shaped wooden cot or a grand renaissance style baby bed made from varnished wood. You can buy unit cots that have built-in book shelves around the edge and four posts to create a canopy over the top. Or for a little girl’s nursery, choose a carriage-inspired cot with wheels for the perfect fairytale look.


Create a private den in the nursery by erecting a small tipi made from colourful, patterned fabric and decorating it with ribbon. Fill it with an assortment of cushions and soft toys to make a cosy haven for you and your baby when you’re trying to get him to sleep. When he’s older he can use it as a play area or reading space.

Ball pool

Buy a small paddling pool and fill it with colourful plastic balls or miniature bean bags to create a fun area for your little one. Babies from around six months will love rolling around in the balls and throwing them about. It will inject colour into the nursery and won’t take up too much space.

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